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245 000 сум

Body lotion with 5 ceramides Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Body Lotion 250 ml

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Brand: dr-jart
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245 000 сум
Body type: male
age: male Lotion for body with 5 ceramidami Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Body Lotion deeply penetrates, eliminates suxost and shelushenia, vosstanavlivaet optimaly uroven uvlajnennosti. Makes the skin smooth and elastic, stimulates the process of regeneration and renewal, increases the density of the skin and prevents the destruction of fibers in the epidermis.

The lotion strengthens the protective barrier, protects the skin from aggressive environmental influences, and prevents premature aging. It provides moisture in the deep layers of the epidermis, increases the ability of cells to contract, improves microcirculation and exchange.

The main active component of the lotion is the personal complex of 5 ceramides, which strengthen and thicken the weakened skin. The complex increases the barrier function, blocks moisture inside the cell, and keeps it warm and soft.

V sostav complex vkhodyat:
Ceramid NP predotvrashchaet isparenie vlagi i sposobstvuet dlitelnomu uvlajneniyu.
Ceramid AP heals damaged cells, restores aesthetic levels of moisture to the epidermis.
Keramid AS increases the protective barrier, makes it more resistant to aggressive environmental conditions.
Ceramid NS increases the ability of epidermal cells to grow and absorb moisture, supports optimal hydro-lipid balance.
Ceramid EOP strengthens cells and heals damaged skin.

The lotion has a soft, velvety texture, quickly vpityvaetsya, momentalno ustranyaya styanutost and ne stavlyaya jirnoy film.

Additional effective ingredients:
Raznomolekularnaya hyaluronic acid penetrates deep layers of the epidermis, actively uvlajnyaet cells, sposobstvuet uderjaniyu vlagi v koje. It forms a protective layer that does not allow moisture to evaporate.
Maliny ketone increases elasticity, optimizes the water balance in the deep and cellular epidermis, brightens the surrounding environment.
Mslo bergamot fights with irritation of the skin and various rashes, normalizes the work of salnyx, obespechivaet osvetlyayushchii effect and suzhenie por, osvejaet koje.
Maslo cacao bean okazyvaet toniziruyushchee, protivootechnoe deystvie. It has antioxidant properties, speeds up aging and regeneration of skin.
Extract of sage has antibacterial action on irritated skin, restores damaged cells and protects young skin.
Extract turmeric is an antioxidant, accelerates inflammation and has anti-inflammatory action. Snimaet razdrazheniya and pokrasneniya, nasyshchaet koju poleznymi veshchestvami.
Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans are a component that determines the integrity of the structure. Ostanavlivaet process destruction belkov, prepyatstvuet poyavleniyu morshchin i delaet koju menee chuvstvitelnoy k veshnim razrajitelyam. Ukreplyaet stenki sudov, effectively v lechenii couperosa i rosatsea.
Podkhodit dlya vsex typov koji.

Sposob primenenia: apply the product to the open door with a circular dvigeniya.
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