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24 000 сум

Instant noodles Zha Wang Nongshim Cup, 105g

Brand: nongshim
Product Code: 12341-30
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24 000 сум

Weight (g): 105 gr
Energy value of the product: 610 kcal
Taste: Beef and Seaweed Miekk
Storage Temperature: Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. 0 to +25 C
Brand: Nongshim
Country of manufacture: Korea
Certified Jjawang is a Jjajang premium ramen with the flavor of soy sauce, and Jjawang Spicy is a delicious Jjajang premium ramen with an intense spicy taste. If you fry it over high heat, you can enjoy it as delicious as Jajangmyeon.
Roasting with fresh ingredients brings out the mild and rich taste of soy sauce. It contains 3mm-thick, chewy noodles and large seasonings. It is a noodle that boasts excellent taste and texture.

Tags: instant noodles, Zha Wang, Nongshim, Cup, 105g

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