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Instant noodles Shin ramen Nongshim, spicy - 120 gr

Brand: nongshim
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15 000 сум

The most budget option of the popular Shin Ramen Nongshim noodles is a pack of 120 g. Ramen is a thin and long wheat noodles originally from China. For its preparation, durum wheat, mineral water, salt and eggs are used. Repeated rolling and stretching provides the dough with a special elasticity and a smooth, very pleasant chewy texture.

Shin Ramen is a spicy, fragrant and hot pasta that will quickly satisfy your hunger and warm you up on a cold day. It contains vegetable and mushroom flakes, and rich and tart umami broth contains soy sauce, anchovy and kelp extracts. A carefully selected bouquet of spices is responsible for the sharpness of the dish - chili pepper, onion and garlic, ginger and radish make the noodles piquant and burning. However, the spiciness can be varied by reducing the amount of seasoning or adding water.

Shin Ramen base is easy to create hearty Asian-style soups - add noodles and spices to the broth before the end of cooking, turn off the heat and keep the soup covered for 3-5 minutes. Pasta is also used as a side dish for meat dishes.

Cooking method:

  1. Put the noodles and the contents of the bags into a cup;
  2. Pour 500 ml of hot boiled water;
  3. Cook in the microwave (1000 W) for 4 minutes, or on the stove in a saucepan for 5 minutes.

Tags: instant noodles, Shin ramen, Nongshim, spicy, 120 gr

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