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22 000 сум

Instant noodles Ottogi Miekguk with beef and miyogi seaweed, 115g

Brand: nongshim
Product Code: 8571-30
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22 000 сум
Weight in grams: 110 g
Product energy value: 409 kcal
Taste: beef and Miekk seaweed
Storage temperature: store in a cool dry place at temp. From 0 to +25 C
Brand: Ottogi
Producer country: South Korea
Product certified Ottogi company presents a huge selection of flavors of instant noodles. One popular variation is Miyeokguk noodles, which makes it easy to make the famous Korean soup with the same name. Miyeokguk is a traditional Korean soup made with rich meat broth and miyogi seaweed.

Miyeokguk soup is considered extremely healthy, nutritious and satisfying, it is traditionally prepared for women in labor to replenish their strength. Miyeokguk instant noodles allow you to enjoy the taste and benefits of this soup without spending a lot of time cooking.

Nutritious rich broth, elastic noodles and healthy seaweed - a delicious hearty meal can be prepared in just three minutes. Miyeokguk noodles from Ottogi can be eaten at work, school, while traveling - it's easy, simple and very tasty.

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