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Nongshim Sarigomtan instant noodles, 110g

Brand: nongshim
Product Code: 12769-32
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20 000 сум
Ingredients: Noodles: wheat flour, potatoes, starch, red pepper, palm oil, salt, soy sauce, dried kimchi pieces, dried mushrooms, green onions Sollontang is a Korean beef bone soup that is boiled for 10 hours until it will not turn milky white. Usually served in a bowl with onion slices and pieces of meat, and seasoning with green onions, salt and black pepper. Nongshim SARIGOMTANG instant noodles are the perfect combination of freeze-dried noodles and flavorful beef broth. The noodles do not require cooking; they are a very convenient and satisfying snack. Method of preparation: Bring 550 ml of water to a boil, place noodles, seasoning, dried vegetables in boiling water, cook for 4-5 minutes.

Tags: Nongshim, Sarigomtan, instant noodles, 110g

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