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16 000 сум

Instant noodles NONGSHIM AnSungTangMyun, 66 gr.

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16 000 сум
Nongshim Co.,Ltd. is the largest South Korean manufacturer of fast food products, specializing in fast food noodles, snacks and drinks. Cooking method: put the noodles and seasonings in 550 ml of boiling water and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Remove from heat and serve. Storage conditions Avoid direct sunlight, store in a dry place Ingredients Noodles (wheat flour, potato starch, palm oil, salt); seasoning A (salt, flavor enhancer, spices (red pepper, garlic, black pepper, onion powder), sugar, soy sauce powder (salt, soybeans), soy paste powder (wheat flour, soybeans, salt), dried seaweed, dried green onions, dried carrots, glucose.

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