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Champong Nongshim instant noodles with seafood flavor (spicy), 130 gr

Brand: nongshim
Product Code: 8464-30
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20 460 сум
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Kind: wheat noodles
Weight in grams: 130 gr
Energy value per 130 gr of product: 575 kcal
Taste: seafood, spicy
Storage Temperature: Store in a cool dry place at temp. From 0 to +25 С
Brand: Nongshim
Country of manufacture: South Korea
The product is certified

Ingredients: wheat flour, potato starch, palm oil, modified potato starch, maltodextrin, salt, dried flakes (cabbage, pak choi, mushrooms, seaweed). spicy oil (corn oil, rapeseed oil, artificial flavors, red chili, natural flavors, garlic, onion, ginger, cuttlefish extract, mussel extract, green tea extract), contains less than 2% : beef bone broth, crab extract, extract cuttlefish, dextrose, sodium guanylate, sodium inosinate, sodium succinate, D-sorbitol, seasoning powder (maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, glycine, tribasic sodium phosphate, D-xylose), freeze-dried cuttlefish, freeze-dried red chili (red chili) , dextrose, salt, tocopherol, antioxidant citric acid), garlic, gum arabic, hydrolyzed corn protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, kelp, lecithin (soy), modified corn starch, modified tapioca starch, mussel extract, natural flavors, onion, potassium carbonate, radish extract, red chili pepper, scallop extract, shrimp extract, sodium carbonate, phosphate sodium, soy sauce (wheat, soy, salt), spices, sugar, tocopherol (antioxidant), yeast extract. Delicious and nutritious noodles with seafood and hot pepper flavor. Traditional Korean style dish.

Spicy Seafood Flavored Champong Noodles is a product from the Nongshim brand, known for its high quality and respect for tradition. Its spicy taste will appeal to everyone who loves and appreciates the national Korean cuisine with all its variety of spices and extraordinary combinations.

To prepare yourself a delicious noodles, you will need quite a bit of time. Simply put the soup base and dried cereal in a large bowl or deep plate, then place the noodles on top of them. Pour in 450 ml of water and cook in the microwave for 9 minutes. Add spiced butter and stir for a hearty and delicious lunch!
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