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Sempio corn syrup, 1200 gr

Brand: sempio
Product Code: 8567-30
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58 080 сум
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Type: corn syrup
Volume: 1200 gr
Production: South Korea
Brand: Sempio
Producer: BEKSUL, South Korea
Product certified Corn syrup is a truly universal ingredient in Korean cuisine. This is a "must have" product for any housewife, because it can be used almost everywhere giving the dish an absolutely unique taste. The syrup is used in sauces, when stewing and frying meat/vegetables, in homemade cakes, instead of sugar during cooking.

Syrup is used as a sweetener and thickener, has the property of not sugaring and retaining moisture, which gives the dish a more delicate texture and helps to look fresher (do not dry out). Corn syrup is almost as sweet as sugar, but is resistant to crystallization, which is why it is widely used in confectionery to obtain a beautiful, even surface, such as a cake.

It has a thick consistency that can be compared to honey, a neutral sweet taste and a transparent color.

It is used in corn syrup in many dishes to thicken and caramelize.
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