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Brand: deoproce
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70 000 сум
Deoproce Estheroce Whitening & Anti-wrinkle Power Eye Cream is a revitalizing eye cream. It helps eliminate puffiness, lighten dark circles under the eyes and smooth out fine wrinkles. The composition of the EGF product. It is an epidermal growth factor that affects at the molecular and cellular level. It stimulates cell division, activates collagen production, enhances DNA synthesis and prolongs skin youth. This component significantly improves the appearance of the skin, gives it smoothness, firmness and elasticity. Collagen. The cream contains hydrolyzed collagen, which intensively saturates the cells with water molecules and helps them to stay inside. Collagen fills all the irregularities in the intercellular space, smoothing fine wrinkles and creating a lifting effect. Hyaluronic acid. This component binds and holds water molecules, actively moisturizing the skin and normalizing the hydrobalance. It also stimulates the production of its own collagen, prolonging the youthfulness of the skin and eliminating fine wrinkles. Vitamin E. This component is considered the vitamin of youth. It stimulates cell division and activates the production of natural collagen, which slows down the aging process and eliminates age-related skin changes. Advantage of using Cumulative effect. Regular use of the cream helps to get rid of puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and fine wrinkles for a long time. The longer you use the cream, the better the condition of your eyelids becomes. Rejuvenation. The cream penetrates deep into the skin, filling all the irregularities and smoothing the texture of the eyelids. It also nourishes the skin with moisture, making it smoother, softer and renewed. Protection. The cream actively protects the delicate skin of the eyelids from the aggressive action of UV rays, temperature extremes, free radicals and other external influences. It also stimulates the cells' own barrier function, which reduces the skin's susceptibility to negative factors. Release form The cream is available in a white soft plastic tube. It has a narrow dispenser nozzle that helps to extract the optimal amount of cream and provides economical consumption. The tube is placed in a cardboard box. The volume of the product is 40 ml. How to use Squeeze out a little cream and apply with your fingertips to the skin around the eyes. Rub the cream evenly into the eyelids until completely absorbed. The product is suitable for daily care.

Tags: whitening, anti-wrinkle, eye cream, DEOPROCE, ESTHEROCE

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