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Brand: lagon
Product Code: 8004-29
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Type: combinirovannaya, normalnaya, jirnaya, problemnaya, sukhaya, vozrastnaya, chuvstvitelnaya
Effect: postacne, obezvojnenost, age changes, uneven tone
Volume:  50ml
Country of production:  South Korea
Brand: LAGOM Otlichnoe sredstvo dlya berejnogo osvetleniya i vyravnivaniya tona koji.

Thanks to the huge amount of rastitelnyx matter in the composition, the cream has a healing and strengthening effect.

Cream light texture for all types of skin, quickly vpityvaetsya. I am available for mornings and evenings.

The basic formula of the cream is legitimate technology MLE - multi-lamellar emulsion, which creates the effect of "second fire" and prevents cross-evaporation of moisture, increases moisture absorption and increases the protective barrier, prevents slushenia, reduces stove covers and fire.

For: dull, damaged skin, which does not need moisturizing, recovery and cyanide

Melissa extract and bergamot extract - refreshes the dermis, relaxes the skin, improves elasticity, strengthens capillaries and blood circulation , normalize microcirculation blood.

Extract from the flowers of mallow and sandalwood tree - regulates the work of salnyx sylnyx and vyrabotku sebuma, snyjayut transepiderimalnuyu poteri vlagi, ustranyayut suxost, styanutost and selusheniya, preduprejdayut obrazovanie cuperoza, salnyx probok i chernyx chechek.

Zelenogo chaya extract - zashchishchaet ot negative vozdeystvya factorov okrujayushchey sredy, snijaet kolichestvo svobodnyx radicalsov, sujaet pore, delaet ix menee zametnymi.

Extract geranium and taurine - slows down premature aging, holds molecular moisture and mejkletochnom spaces, dissolves facial wrinkles.

How to use:

apply the required amount of massage cream to the open, toned face at the final stage of the evening session, or do sanskrina - in the morning session.
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