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Brand: eyenlip
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Water is life, including for our skin. Super Aqua Moisture Cream from the Korean brand Eyenlip will help create and maintain an optimal level of moisture. Its key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, one of the recognized champions in the fight for water and a frequent guest of anti-aging cosmetics. It can attract and hold water molecules in the upper layers of the skin. Niacinamide is responsible for lightening pigmentation and fighting dullness. The product also contains plant extracts: pomegranate and fig nourish and saturate the cells of the epidermis with vitamins, mulberry enriches with antioxidants. The result of applying Eyenlip Super Aqua Moisture Cream is a healthy radiant face without wrinkles and age spots, moisturized, soft and supple skin.

Volume: 45 ml.

How to use:
After cleansing and toning, apply the cream to a damp face and neck. Spread the product over the skin with gentle massaging or patting movements. Eyenlip Super Aqua Moisture Cream is a face cream with a powerful moisturizing effect. It heals and restores the skin, relieves dryness and flaking, fights early wrinkles, swelling, pigmentation and other age-related changes.

Active ingredients
Niacinamide. This substance has an anti-inflammatory, biostimulating and brightening effect. It reduces the severity of pigmentation, post-acne, redness, freckles and other imperfections. Film Betaine. Betaine prevents the evaporation of moisture, which allows you to create an optimal hydroblade, protect the skin from dryness, flaking and premature aging.
Pomegranate extract. Pomegranate exfoliates dead skin cells, renews the skin, smoothes its relief, gives the face dullness, brightness, saturation and well-groomed appearance.
Ginkgo biloba extract. This plant strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases their elasticity, stimulates blood circulation, prevents the formation of couperosis, rosacea and other disease-causing manifestations.
Mulberry extract. Mulberry refreshes and tones the skin, brightens it, evens out the color, neutralizes increased fat content, regulates the secretion of sebaceous glands, removes toxic substances and improves the access of beneficial components to cells.
Benefits of using
Intensive moisturizing. The cream instantly moisturizes the skin, making it soft and nourished. It helps eliminate dryness and flaking, normalizes hydrobalance, protects the dermis from drying out and premature aging.
Care. The cream softens and nourishes the skin, enriches it with many vitamins and minerals, eliminates excess fat, tightens the oval of the face, smoothes wrinkles, gives the face a healthy and well-groomed look.
Product form
The cream is packaged in an opaque plastic tube of white-blue color. The product is protected by a foil membrane and placed in a cardboard box.

The volume of the product is 45 ml.

How to use
Before using the product, it is recommended to carry out cleansing procedures using peeling or scrub so that the beneficial substances can be absorbed into the skin as much as possible. Then apply the required amount of cream on the skin surface of the face with light massage movements. Let it be well absorbed. Use the remedy twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.
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