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Brand: 3w-clinic
Product Code: 7685-29
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Skin type: Normal, Dry, Mature, Combination, Oily, Problematic, Sensitive
Effect:Balancing, Anti-inflammatory, Recovery, Equalization of tone, Protection, Brightening, Nutrition, Softening, Removing irritation, Moisturizing
Volume: 100 ml
Country of origin: South Korea
Brand: 3W CLINIC 3W Clinic Acacia Hand Cream is a moisturizing hand cream with acacia extract. It refreshes, brightens, heals and tones the skin, saturates it with natural energy and vitality.

Product composition
Acacia extract. Acacia has a moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It fights pathogenic manifestations, soothes irritations, relieves fatigue and improves the general condition of the epidermis.
Extract of dogwood fruits. Dogwood restores skin health, reduces the severity of inflammatory processes, relieves fatigue, eliminates dryness and tightness. It protects against the influence of free radicals, reduces cell oxidation and slows down the aging process.
Aloe extract. Aloe improves the health of the epidermis, inhibits bacterial activity, accelerates tissue healing and prevents infections. The component also relieves allergic reactions and eliminates other pathogenic manifestations.
The benefits of using
Soft care. The cream intensively moisturizes the skin, slows down the evaporation of water molecules, relieves dryness, tightness and peeling. It also nourishes, softens and smoothes the skin, reduces the appearance of aging and evens out skin tone.
Improvement. The cream normalizes hydrobalance, stimulates microcirculation and improves blood circulation. It also fights disease-causing manifestations, relieves inflammation and soothes irritations.
Form of release
The cream is packaged in a white tube of soft plastic with an image of acacia flowers. The tool is sealed in a cardboard box with information from the manufacturer.

How to use
Squeeze a small amount onto your hands and rub into the skin in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Use the product daily as needed.
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