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70 000 сум
Anti-cellulite body gel Dabo Slimming Hot Gel Anti Cellulite Slim Body - hot slimming gel with natural extracts for problem areas of the body. The gel effectively burns fat deposits, tightens and smoothes the skin texture, moisturizes, tones, makes the skin smoother and more even. The gel contains such active ingredients as capsaicin, glucosamine, menthol, capsicum extract, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid. Capsaicin - one of the main components of hot red pepper, is one of the popular fat burners. Capsaicin has a warming effect on the skin, accelerates metabolic processes in the subcutaneous tissue and starts thermal processes that burn excess fat, improves microcirculation, and helps exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface. Glucosamine enhances the action of hyaluronic acid and promotes skin hydration, collagen synthesis, has an anti-aging effect on the skin, smoothes it. Menthol stimulates lymph circulation, blood outflow and removal of excess fluid, helps fight cellulite, normalizes fat metabolism, refreshes and tones the skin, cools it. Collagen moisturizes the skin and promotes its regeneration, gives softness and elasticity, improves its texture, smoothes. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the deep layers of the skin and improves its texture, and also helps the penetration of other active ingredients there, smoothes the skin, makes it more elastic. The gel is recommended for use on problem areas of the skin: abdomen, waist, sides, thighs, arms, forearms. Regular use of anti-cellulite body gel Dabo Slimming Hot Gel Anti Cellulite Slim Body gives a noticeable lifting effect to the skin, tightens it, improves skin texture, helps get rid of excess fat and model your figure. When the gel is first applied, the menthol contained in the composition initially has a cooling effect on the skin, causing it to tighten, but over time, capsaicin has a warming effect and causes a feeling of warmth on the skin. The heating effect is transmitted to the deeper layers, causing the breakdown of excess subcutaneous fat. The active components of the gel help to release cleavage products from the subcutaneous fat layer. After the feeling of warmth disappears, you can feel the "waste" on the skin; the work of the gel, as well as a decrease in body volume and elasticity, skin density. How to use: Apply the gel with massage movements on the cleansed skin of the body on problem areas of the skin.

Tags: DABO, slimming, anti-cellulite, slim body, hot gel, 200g

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