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70 000 сум

Cream is one of the most common facial skin care products. Thanks to its texture, it is able to quickly and effectively solve common and common facial skin problems. But for deep moisturizing and restoring skin elasticity, a regular cream is ineffective. When developing the new product of the Placenta series, Zenzia took into account centuries of skin care experience and the shortcomings of modern products. The result is a unique placenta-based formula. The placenta has long been used in traditional medicine and cosmetology in Asian countries. It is rich in nutrients: amino acids, proteins, trace elements, vitamins. One of its main properties is the stimulation of the natural regeneration process. Due to this, the aging process slows down, the number of wrinkles decreases. With regular use of Ampoule Cream, you can also notice a decrease in the amount of inflammation, normalization of complexion, and lightening of pigmentation. Volume: 70 ml. How to use: Apply the cream after cleansing and treating the skin with toner or tonic. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to use an essence or serum. This tool enhances the effect of the cream. Spread a small amount of cream in an even thin layer over the entire surface of the face. Do not rub it, do not stretch the skin. Finger movements should be light. It is advisable to follow the massage lines. Let the rest of the cream absorb naturally.

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