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155 000 сум
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Type koji: for problem koji
Effect: moisturizes, supports water-lipid balance, eliminates dullness and tones
Volume: 50g
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Brand: MEDI-PEEL Strengthening cream with collagen and lactobacterium Medi-Peel Red Lacto Collagen Cream makes the skin more elastic and dense, restores the integrity of the skin, tightens the relief, accelerates the process of aging and renewal. It deeply moisturizes, supports the water-lipid balance, eliminates dullness and tones the skin.

The cream stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, strengthens the fibers of the epidermis and slows down the oxidative processes. Povyshaet tonus koji, prepyatstvuet poyavleniyu morshchin i kojnyx zalomov, nasyshchaet kletki vlagoy i ne dopuskaet obezvozhivaniya i dehydratatsii. It gently lightens pigmented spots and postacne, makes the tone more even, increases the color of the face and adds a pleasant blueness.

In the creamy texture of the cream, there are concentrated red capsules, which contain complex pitatelnyx veshchestv. The main active ingredient of the capsule is the extract of the purple cornflower root — a strong antioxidant, protective barrier booster, and immunity booster.

Basic active ingredients:

  • Fermenty lactobacterii podderjivayut estestvennuyu microflora koji, uluchshayut struktur collagena, povyshaya urugost koji. Uluchshayut tsvet litsa, reguliruyut vyrabotku melanina, osvetlyayut hyperpigmentatsiyu.

  • SYN®-COLL (glycerin, water, tripeptide-5) is a muscle antiaging complex that actively stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents ego destruction. Ulucshaet turgor, umenshaet glubinu vyrajennyx mimicheskikh i vozrastnykh morshchin, razglajivaet relf i podtyagivaet.

  • Anti-Sebum P (extracts of pine, vyaza, oslinnika, puerarii) is a complex of plant extracts, which has been shown to have beneficial activity. Reguliruet sebovydelenie, normalizuet jirnost koji, stranyaet jirny blesk.

  • The amino acid complex normalizes the production of collagen and elastin, relaxes the skin, and strengthens the relief. Uluchshaet tsvet koji, pridaet oh zdorovoe siyanie i uprugost.

  • Collagen restores the structure of the epidermis, strengthens stem cells, and increases protein metabolism. Podderjivaet matrix koji, razglajivaet morshchinki i zalomy.

  • Fermenty bifidobakterii vosstanavlivayut i usilivayut zashchitnyy barer koji, ukreplyayut immunity i reguliruyut exchange veshchestv.

  • The lactococcal enzyme accelerates cell division, strengthens the fibrous epidermis, and increases the texture of the skin. Increases barrier function, increases immunity, makes the skin more reactive.

  • Complex 3 hyaluronic acid penetrates into deep layers of the epidermis, actively uvlajnyaet cells, sposobstvuet uderjaniyu vlagi and koje. It forms a protective layer that does not allow moisture to evaporate.

It is suitable for all types of koji.

How to use : apply the cream in the final stage.
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