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235 000 сум
Lagom Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream Soothing cream, 60 ml for the care of problematic and sensitive skin, saturated with the patented PICO AC3 complex, centella asiatica and panthenol, has a calming effect, effectively relieves inflammation, redness and an unpleasant feeling of itching, controls the sebaceous glands and helps to cope with inflammation. Main composition: As part of the product, a unique complex of plant extracts developed by Lagom, PICO AC3 (100,000ppm): Ginkgo biloba and perilla leaf extract, have a sebum-regulating effect, helping to normalize the secretion of skin sebum. Perilla leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect, fight irritation, relieve itching and flaking. A ginkgo leaf extract saturates the skin with moisture, eliminating dryness and smoothing fine wrinkles. Caesalpinia bark extract has an antibacterial effect, relieves irritation and reduces allergic reactions. Peony root extract and green tea nourish the skin, perfectly moisturize and tone, have a calming effect, eliminating inflammation and redness. The Cica-4 complex is saturated with four active extracts of Centella Asiatica - Asiaticoside, Madecassoside, Asiatic and Madecassic acids, which have pronounced soothing and healing properties. Centella asiatica extract provides comprehensive skin care: it accelerates healing processes, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, relieving irritation, redness and an unpleasant feeling of itching, and in addition, it has an antioxidant property, actively protecting cells from the effects of free radicals and slows down aging. Ceramides, formulated using patented liposomal technology, help restore and strengthen the protective barrier by filling gaps in the lipid layer, allowing moisture to be retained in the upper layer of the epidermis for longer. Liposes are used as transport containers for various active ingredients, this technology contributes to the maximum penetration of beneficial components into the deeper layers of the skin and their best absorption. Panthenol (70,000ppm), after being absorbed into the skin, turns into provitamin B5, has a deep and long-lasting moisturizing effect. How does this happen? Panthenol has the property of hygroscopicity (attracting and absorbing moisture) and high permeability, due to which it is able to penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, “taking away” water molecules with it. As a result, the skin becomes much more hydrated. It gives the skin softness and smoothness and, in addition, has a soothing and wound-healing effect. Panthenol accelerates regeneration processes, and, therefore, promotes rapid recovery after various injuries (cracks, cuts, burns, etc.). The composition is enriched with zinc oxide, which protects our skin from external aggressive factors and has a calming effect, calcium chloride, saturating skin with useful and nutritious substances, like minerals, and magnesium sulfate, which forms connective tissues responsible for skin elasticity, restores elasticity, and also helps relieve fatigue and tension. Does not contain 20 harmful chemicals such as: parabens, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and dyes and others. Dermatologically tested and found to be safe for sensitive skin.

Tags: skin care, face cream, Lagom, Cellus, sensitive skin, Cica cream, 60ml

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