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Brand: frudia
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180 000 сум
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Skin type: for all skin types, dry, sensitive
Effect: strong antioxidant effect, improves complexion, improves tissue elasticity and effectively moisturizes
Volume: 55 gr
Production country: South Korea
Brand: FRUDIA Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Cream for intensely moisturizing the skin, helps to maintain the required level of moisture for a long time and protects against dryness for 48 hours.

Blueberry Hydrating Cream1.jpg The cream is based on blueberry superfood juice (77%), which has a strong antioxidant effect, improves complexion, improves tissue elasticity and effectively moisturizes.

Saturates the skin with active nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, restores its tone and healthy glow.

The product strengthens the protective barrier of the epidermis and helps to maintain an optimal level of hydration, preventing dehydration and dehydration of the skin.

The cream has a light gel texture, quickly absorbed without leaving stickiness and oily sheen.

The main active ingredients:
Bilberry juice and extract (77%) - has antioxidant, softening and rejuvenating properties. Gently moisturizes the skin, reduces its sensitivity, nourishes and refreshes. It has a brightening effect, evens out the complexion.

Blackcurrant leaf extract - tones, heals wounds, relieves inflammation on the skin, inhibits the activity of free radicals, soothes and softens the skin, eliminates peeling, strengthens the epidermal matrix.

Fruit seed oil — has a powerful antioxidant and tonic effect, protects skin cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. Actively nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, restoring the lipid barrier, improves complexion.

Betaine - actively moisturizes, has a conditioning effect, relieves skin irritation, reduces the destructive effect of surfactants, helps to increase their volume and stabilizes the foam, enhances the conditioning effect of other components and is itself a good conditioner, has a superficial effect on the skin, improving its appearance.

How to use: apply the required amount of cream as the final step of care. For a more pronounced soothing effect, the cream can be removed in the refrigerator 10 minutes before use.
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