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220 000 сум


Brand: klairs
Product Code: 8041-29
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220 000 сум
Type of koji: for dry koji, for normal koji, for combined koji, for dry koji
Effect: reduces redness and inflammation, works beneficially with koji, stradayushchey ot couperosa
Volume: 30 ml
Production country: Yuzhnaya Korea
Brand: Klairs Luxurious night cream for the face Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream, ideal for irritated and sensitive skin. The cream reduces reddening and inflammation, works beneficially with kochei, stradaushchey horse cuperoza. Intensivno uvlajnyaet koju i uluchshaet tsvet litsa za schet naturalnyx extractov purslane, shelkovitsy, broccoli. Actively moisturizes the skin, with a complex of benefits such as shea, argan, jojoba and ingredients.

The cream is suitable for normal, combined, unarmed skin with reddening, irritation, and hyperpigmentation. Ideally, she is a cosmetologist who is applying for a professional cleaning job.

Cream otlichaetsya naturalnym veganskim sostavom.

Osnovnye deystvuyushchie components:

Hyaluronic acid holds moisture in cells, prevents it from drying out.
Complex oil, argan, jojoba intensively moisturizes the skin, removes dirt and moisture.
Natural extracts of purslane, chamomile, shelkovitsy, broccoli have healing and soothing effects, and redness and irritation.
Ceramidy vosstanalivayut hydro-lipid barrier koji, povyshayut zashchitnye funktsii epidersima.
Guyazulen obladaet prirodym sinim tsvetom, imenno poetomu krem obladaet takim krasivym golubym otenkom. Has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant action, stimulates regenerative processes
Extract centelly asiatskoy soothes and restores the skin. It has a healing and regenerating function.
The complex of 5-way peptides is a small molecular amino acid that easily penetrates the body. Sposobstvuyut obnovleniyu i omologeniyu koji, razglazhivayut morshchinki, okazyvayut lifting effect, povyshayut springiness and elasticity of the epidermis.
Biomodified polymer form of folic acid increases local immunity, leads to a universal increase in stress-vulnerability of cells by 50%, positively affects the activity of stem and immune cells.
Podkhodit dlya vsex typov koji.

Method of application: apply the product to the clean and protonized skin of the face using a foaming pad with a foaming pad. Ispolzuyte vecherom na noch kajdy den.

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