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Cream for the skin around the eyes (10th generation)Ten Revolution Real Eye Cream For Face 30ml

Brand: ahc
Product Code: 12560-21
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99 000 сум

The new generation of cream is a real innovation. More than 70 clinical trials and studies have been conducted in order to improve the formula of the cream and improve its performance, which led to the creation of the new Ten Revolution Real Eye Cream For Face.
The cream is aimed at increasing skin turgor and elasticity, as well as effectively combating age-related skin changes due to its rich composition.
The cream formula contains three types of collagen:
Collagen type 1 is the most common type and is involved in the formation of organs, connective tissues and bones. As part of the cream, type 1 collagen will help start the processes of tissue cell regeneration, increase skin elasticity.
Type 3 collagen works in tandem with type 1 collagen. Collagen type 3 is also involved in the process of increasing skin elasticity, triggers regeneration processes and helps smooth out wrinkles.
Collagen type 21 works to increase skin elasticity.
A special component of the cream is cultured umbilical cord stem cells Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media (10ppm) . Stem cells contain almost 1300 different proteins/proteins that help in the process of cell regeneration and repair.
In addition, the cream formula contains 84 types of proteins that will provide deep nutrition and help improve skin elasticity and firmness, 10 types of growth factors (oligopeptides) that will start regeneration processes and prevent premature aging of the skin, 16 vitamins that will compensate for the lack of beneficial trace elements and 11 types of hyaluronic acid for deep hydration and moisture retention. The new cream is made using Ultra-Fine Micro Method technology. This technology allows you to reduce the components of the cream in the amount of 1/1000 of the pore size , which allows microelements to better penetrate and be absorbed by skin cells, giving maximum benefit and effect. .

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