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Bamboo mat for making rolls

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40 000 сум
Type: roll mat
Purpose: rolls, sushi
Material: bamboo
Production: South Korea Bamboo mat is designed for cooking vegetable rolls. It is he who helps to replace manual dexterity and form an even roll of soft ingredients.


A bamboo mat, or "makisa" as it is called in Japanese culture, is designed for making rolls and sushi. Thanks to this tool, you can easily cook rolls at home, form rice and other ingredients into perfect oblong "sausages", which can then be easily cut into pieces with a sharp knife.

How to cook sushi or rolls?

A sheet of noria is laid out on the mat, and on top is the filling for rolls in the form of rice, fish, vegetables, etc.

How to care for a bamboo mat?

To prolong the life of the mat, cover it with cling film before use. After use, makisa must be rinsed and dried.

Tags: Bamboo mat, making rolls, sushi mat, kitchen tool

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