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87 000 сум

The basis for the preparation of healing drinks from pomegranate. Does not contain synthetic dyes and preservatives, completely natural product. The concentrate can be mixed with water, milk, herbal drinks, added to a milkshake, and also used as a salad dressing.

Volume: 900 ml
Production: South Korea
Brand: CJ Foods
Producer: BEKSUL, South Korea
Product is certified Fruit drink concentrate from pomegranate juice "Petitsel" CJ - it is a natural base for making healthy pomegranate drinks. You can also buy a concentrate for grape drinks from us. We deliver products throughout Russia.

Pomegranate fruits have a healing effect on the human body due to the high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in them, increase immunity, strengthen memory, increase endurance and resistance to stress.

Having a pomegranate juice drink concentrate on hand, you can prepare a healthy pomegranate drink for the whole family every day. In Korea, where the preservation of health and youth is of great importance, fruit concentrates are made of the best quality. In addition to concentrated juice, they also contain natural fruit vinegar (in this drink it is pomegranate vinegar), which in Southeast Asia is called a health drink. Fruit vinegar is an alkalizing product - it reduces excess lactic acid in the body, thereby lowering the pH and reducing the risk of developing a number of diseases. In addition, drinks based on fruit vinegars help get rid of extra pounds.

CJ pomegranate concentrate does not contain any synthetic dyes, preservatives or other chemicals. This is a completely natural product.

The concentrate has a rich pomegranate taste with a pleasant sweetness. To get a delicious drink, the concentrate can be mixed with water (regular or mineral) or milk (cow or vegetable). Ice, mint, pieces of fresh fruit can be added to the drink if desired. Very tasty milkshake with the addition of pomegranate concentrate. Concentration - 1:3 or 1:4, depending on the desired saturation of taste. It is also possible to use pomegranate concentrate as a dressing for vegetable salads - it will add piquant flavor notes to your dish.

Daily consumption of a pomegranate drink made from a concentrate based on pomegranate vinegar will bring tangible health benefits, stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improve digestion, relieve fatigue and add vigor and strength.


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