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56 000 сум

Canned fish/Sempio Mackerel Pike for Kimchi stew, 400 gr

Brand: sempio
Product Code: 8390-30
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56 000 сум
Type: canned fish
Weight: 400 gr
Energy value per 100 gr of product: 230 kcal
Ingredients: Saira fish, water, seafood seasoning, broth base, kelp and radish extract, red pepper powder, salt, sugar, paprika oleoresin, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate
Certified With 40 years of experience and Sempio's secret recipe, perfected since 1976, we've made deliciously spiced mackerel mackerel for kimchi stew.
Sempio Mackerel Fish for Kimchi Stew is made from carefully selected saury caught at its peak in autumn, perfect for seafood broth and our delicious secret vegetable seasoning for an incredibly tasty stew.
Sempio cans are perfect for making delicious kimchi stews by simply adding water and kimchi.

Tags: #cannedfish #sempiomackerelpike #kimchistew #400gr

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