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150 000 сум

Silicone free hair conditioner MOISTURE BALANCING CONDITIONER La'dor

Brand: lador
Product Code: 7543-28
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150 000 сум
Ukhod: for hair.
Type of hair: for dry hair
Effect: Toning, Moisturizing, Vosstanovlenie and strengthening
Volume: 530 ml
Brand: Ladar
L' ador Moisture Balancing Conditioner. Balm contains natural patented component "Greenol", contains 6 organic extracts: lavender, bergamot, freesia, chamomile, myrtle and rosemary. Takoy sostav obespechivaet volasam glubokoe uvlajnenie i pitanie. Lomkie, suxie i secushchiesya volosy stanovyatsya obedient, strong, silky and shiny. Sredstvo obladaet zashchitnym deystviem, a takje znachitelno oblegchaet raschyosyvanie volos posle ispolzovaniya. The balm does not contain soderjit and silicone in its composition, which does not burn and does not peregrujaet the hair. Main active components: Lavender extract intensively works on the scalp: moisturizes, reduces inflammation, soothes, strengthens hair, tones. Extract myaty sposobstvuet uvlajneniyu koji golovy, stimulation of straight hair, acceleration of blood circulation, strengthening of koney hair, pomogaet podderzhivat optimalnyy pH-balan koji golovy. It has a pleasant relaxing effect. The freesia extract has its own unique aromas, which are absorbed by the skin. Zashchishchaet, smyagchaet i uspokaivaet koju golovy. Chamomile extract effectively helps to treat different types of scalp dermatitis, soothes and tones hair, makes hair soft and silky. Podoyyot dlya sukhikh i lomkikh volos.

How to use: Apply conditioner to washed and dry hair, spread it along the entire length and leave for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Tags: silicone-free, hair conditioner, moisture balancing, La'dor

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