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174 240 сум

Coffee MAXIM 2in1 ICE Cofee Mix, 50 pcs 13 gr

Brand: maxim
Product Code: 8500-30
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174 240 сум
Type: instant coffee
Weight: 770 gr
Contents: Coffee 2in1 — 50 sachets of 13 g
Packing: carton
Taste: ice coffee
Manufacturer: Dongsuh, South Korea
The product is certified In the manufacture of MAXIM coffee, only carefully selected coffee beans of the Arabica variety are carefully roasted, so that it has a natural taste and bright aroma.

Freeze-dried coffee is coffee produced using freeze dried technology, which means "dry freeze".

For Maxim cold coffee, carefully selected Arabica beans grown at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level and more are used. The highest quality of grains gives the drink a unique taste and aroma, while soluble in cold water, providing a refreshing and clean taste. An invigorating and at the same time fresh drink will appeal to all coffee lovers, especially on hot days of the year.

Tags: #CoffeeMAXIM, #2in1Coffee, #ICECoffeeMix, #50pcs, #13gr

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Артём Ким
Артём Ким
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Понравилось! Быстро растворяется, приятный вкус, идеально подходит для летней жары.

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