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22 440 сум
It has a brighter and richer taste than traditional kimchi, thanks to the roasting in sesame oil with the addition of sugar, green onions and onions. Bibigo CJ Stir-fried Kimchi is a ready-to-eat treat that can be eaten immediately on the table as a lunchtime snack, or warmed up if desired. Under the Bibigo brand, the famous Korean manufacturer CJ (Cheil Jedang) presents novelties on the Russian market of instant food. This is a line of ready-made dishes, and among them is fried kimchi. All dishes of this line can be bought in our online store at competitive prices with delivery throughout Russia.

Traditional Korean dish Kimchi is probably the most striking culinary calling card of Korean cuisine. Kimchi is a low-calorie food that is high in fiber. In addition, kimchi cabbage is rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), calcium and iron, and contains a number of lactic acid bacteria.

Fried kimchi differs from fermented cabbage in taste. It is richer and richer, since sesame oil, sugar, green onions and onions are added to the fermented cabbage during the heat treatment process.

Fried kimchi is a fully prepared product that, after opening the package, can be eaten both cold and warm. The product tolerates heat treatment well. Fried kimchi can be used as an appetizer (panchang) with your favorite Korean dishes. For example, serve it with beef and daikon soup (Muguk) and boiled rice. Or, for example, with slices of firm tofu. Kimchi is suitable for vegetarians.
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