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Brand: trimay
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65 000 сум
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Type of skin: for all types. Effect: smoothing of wrinkles, oval face, illumination of pigment spots, moisturizing of skin, tightening of pores, acceleration of blood microcirculation, normalization of hydrolipid balance. Volume: 25 ml. Country of manufacture: South Korea.
Brand: TRIMAY Kit for carboxytherapy Trimay Carboxy CO2 Clinik Mask allows you to complete the salon procedure in home conditions. Karbox therapy is a completely safe and atraumatic procedure. Благодаря углекислому газу, который образуется в время процедуры, происходит разглаживание моршчин, podtyajka ovala litsa, улугения пигментных пятен, увлажнение кожи, сужение пор, ускорение микроциркулятсии крови, норализия гидролипидного балана.

Thanks to carbon dioxide gas, which is formed in the result of chemical reactions between gel-activator and tissue mask, dostigayutsya:

razglajivanie morshchin;
podtyajka oval litsa;
lighting pigmentnyx pyaten;
uvlajnenie koji;
sujenie por;
improve microcirculation blood; Optimizing the hydrolipidic balance.
Deystvie sredstva napravleno na nasyshchenie celtok koji kisrylodom, usilenie mikrosikrulyatsii krovi, rasshcheplenie podkojnogo jirovogo sloya, activizatsiyu sintezya collagena, kompleksnoe omologenie koji.

Nabor carboxytherapy vklyuchaet v sebya spryts s gelem-activatorom i tkanevuyu ospon dlya litsa i shei.

The main active components:

Extract of centelly asiatic is a medicinal plant that has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, restores barernyx properties and reduces moisture, reduces moisture, reduces inflammation, and has a water-enhancing effect. umenshaet couperose.
Algin — restores disturbed lipid metabolism, binds toxins and heavy metals, eliminates swelling.
Rosemary extract - regenerates cells, tones, increases blood circulation, vyravnivaet relief, ideal for mature skin and age-related changes.
The malt extract is soothing and anti-inflammatory, has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects, regenerates and rejuvenates.
Green tea extract - perfectly relieves irritation, has antibacterial properties, makes the skin springy and elastic, smoothens wrinkles, increases the color of the face.
Spirulina contains up to 70% saturated protein, unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic), vitamins A, E, mineral salts and polysaccharides. It has active emollient properties, increases resilience and elasticity.
Podkhodit dlya vsex tipov koji

Sposob primeneniya:

ochistite koju litsa i shei privychnym vam sposobom;
ranvomerno gel, iz nabora, tolstym sloem na koju;
overx gelya plotno prilojite tkanevuyu masku;
mask for 15-20 minutes;
remove the mask and wash off the preparation with warm water. Nanesti wash moisturizing cream.
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