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22 000 сум

Sea cabbage Solmoi leaves Fried with green tea flavor, 25 gr

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Brand: solmoi
Product Code: 8406-30
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22 000 сум
Type: fried seaweed
Weight: 25 gr
Number of sheets: 10 pcs
Energy value per 5 g of product: 27 kcal
Ingredients: dried nori seaweed, olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, salt
Manufacturer: Solmoi Coporation, South Korea
The product is certified by Kim - a unique, balanced and low-calorie product from seaweed harvested in an ecologically clean marine area.

The Japanese name is nori.

It is thin sheets of dry fried seaweed. Fried in sesame oil and sprinkled with a little salt.

Crispy kim leaves are an excellent independent snack, as well as a delicious addition to second courses.

The product contains a number of useful substances: vegetable protein, iodine, vitamins (A, provitamin A, B, B2, B12, calciferol, pyridoxine, axerophthol), minerals.

Systematic eating of kim:

reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood (contains fiber that absorbs it), therefore prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis,

reduces the risk of cancer,

helps to restore the immune system,

iodine contributes to the good absorption of protein, phosphorus, iron, calcium, prevents the appearance of goiter,

promotes the excretion of radioactive and toxic metals from the body.
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