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18 000 сум
Type: seaweed chips
Taste: seaweed
Weight in grams: 20 gr
Packaging: soft plastic bag
Brand: CJ Cheiljedang
Producer country: South Korea
Product is certified Crispy rice flour snacks with seaweed and spices. They go well with various drinks, satisfy hunger and enrich the diet with minerals. Seaweed chips with BBQ Bibigo flavor will be useful for the thyroid gland and the cardiovascular system, and will also help improve digestion.

BBQ seaweed chips from Bibigo brand is an original, unusually aromatic snack that will appeal to connoisseurs of Asian cuisine. Thin crispy rice snacks with seaweed will quickly get rid of hunger, and the natural composition, the absence of harmful additives and extremely healthy ingredients make them more preferable than regular potato chips.

A healthy alternative to corn and potato snacks is the choice of people who lead a healthy lifestyle but do not want to give up small pleasures. Rice chips do not cause such a sharp increase in blood glucose levels, they not only provide energy for a longer period, but also do not lead to weight gain.

Algae is one of the best additions to chips. Thanks to them, the taste of the product improves, and the diet is enriched with valuable minerals. Seaweed contains iodine, which is indispensable for the thyroid gland, as well as potassium, which is necessary for the normal functioning of blood vessels and the heart.

Seaweed chips, bibigo, Korea, 20 gr. Nutritional and energy value for 1 serving 20 gr. product: proteins - 1g, carbohydrates - 16g, fats - 1.6g, 86 kcal.

Tags: #ALGAE, #CHIPS, #BBQ, #BIBIGO, #TASTE, #20gr

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