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Toy ottoman Piglet, on wheels / Beige

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375 000 сум

Toy ottoman "Piglet" on wheels

Looking for the perfect gift for your little one? The “Piglet” ottoman toy on wheels is what you need! This cute and funny pig will not only become your child’s faithful friend, but also a functional element in the children’s room.

Why should you choose the “Piglet” ottoman?

  1. Unique Design : The adorable pig with soft upholstery and kind eyes will attract your child's attention and become a favorite toy.
  2. Mobility : Thanks to durable wheels, the ottoman is easy to move around the room. Your child will be able to roll the piglet around and come up with exciting games with him.
  3. Functionality : The ottoman not only entertains, but also serves as a comfortable seat or footrest. This is the perfect combination of toy and furniture.
  4. Safety and quality : Made from hypoallergenic and durable materials, the “Piglet” ottoman will last a long time and is safe for babies.

Benefits for parents:

  • Motor development : Wheel games promote coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Easy to clean : The materials are easy to clean, which allows you to keep the ottoman in excellent condition.
  • Compactness : Small dimensions make it easy to place the ottoman in any corner of the children's room.

Let your child enjoy fun games and coziness with the “Piglet” ottoman on wheels. This is the ideal choice for the development, comfort and joy of your baby!

Order right now and give your child unforgettable moments of happiness and comfort!

Tags: Поросёнок, Игрушка, Пуфик, Колесики, Бежевый

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