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Decorative round light bulb 4W E27 2700K FH-G95-8AM, iodine glow

Brand: Bazaro
Product Code: 17197-32
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30 000 сум

The 4W E27 2700K FH-G95-8AM Round Bulb is an energy efficient and stylish lighting fixture that is ideal for use in a home, office or commercial space. The luminaire has the shape of a round bulb and is equipped with a standard E27 socket, which ensures ease of installation and compatibility with most lighting fixtures. The light temperature of 2700K creates a warm and cozy light that is ideal for creating a comfortable indoor atmosphere. With 4W power, this bulb provides bright, even illumination while consuming minimal energy, allowing you to save on energy costs and lower your electricity bills. The FH-G95-8AM bulb also features a long lifespan, allowing it to be used for a long time without the need for replacement. With its stylish design and high quality light, this bulb is an excellent choice for any room that requires efficient and pleasant lighting.

Dimensions in cm:
Height: 13
Width: 9

Tags: #декоративнаялампочка, #круглаялампочка, #4W, #E27, #2700K, #свечение, #йод

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