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Ceramic jar "Flowers&Plants" with cloth and flower, interior decor / Bel

Brand: Bazaro
Product Code: 16971-32
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75 000 сум
Ceramic jar "Flowers&Plants" with cloth and flower is a stylish and unique interior decor. The jar is made of high-quality ceramics, which gives it strength and durability. It is decorated with a beautiful pattern of flowers and plants, which adds elegance and charm to it. The jar comes with a soft cloth that can be used to wipe surfaces or decorate the jar. There is also a small artificial flower inside the jar, which gives it a special appeal. This decorative item will be a wonderful accent in any interior. It is suitable for various rooms - from the living room to the bedroom or kitchen. A jar "Flowers&Plants" with cloth and a flower will bring a touch of nature and comfort to your home, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

Tags: Керамика, Декор для интерьера, Цветы, Растения, Домашний декор, Баночка, Сукно, Цветок, Украшение, Хендмейд

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