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Artificial plant Pomegranate, medium bush

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30 000 сум
Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of southern nature with the help of the artificial plant "Pomegranate, medium bush". This decorative piece will be a luxurious addition to the interior of your home or office. This bush amazes with its realistic execution. Each leaf is made with stunning detail and has the characteristic glossy shine inherent in real pomegranate trees. The lush green foliage is adorned with an abundance of faux pomegranates that look completely natural with perfectly imitated texture, color and diffused light. The average size of the bush (about 70 cm in height) makes it a universal decorative element. It will fit perfectly into interiors of various styles - from classic to modern. Place it on a chest of drawers, a coffee table or in a floor vase and it will instantly decorate and enliven the space. The artificial plant "Pomegranate" is made of high-quality durable materials that do not fade or lose shape over time. You don't have to waste effort on maintenance - just remove dust periodically. Create an everlasting summer atmosphere in your home with this stunning decor! Dimensions in cm: Height: 64

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