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249 000 сум

Wooden figurine Relax, interior decor from Indonesia

Brand: Indonesia
Product Code: 16897-32
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249 000 сум
Create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home with the "Relax" wooden figurine from Indonesia. This elegant decorative element, handmade from natural wood, will become an elegant accent in any interior, bringing warmth and tranquility to it. Peculiarities: Material: High-quality natural wood, which ensures the strength and durability of the product, as well as environmental friendliness. Handcrafted: Each figurine is handmade by talented craftsmen from Indonesia, making each piece unique and one of a kind. Design: Elegant and sophisticated figure symbolizing relaxation and peace. The minimalistic and modern design allows the figurine to fit harmoniously into any interior. Size: Compact size allows you to place the figurine on a shelf, table or display, adding sophistication and style to your space. Application: Ideal for decorating a living room, bedroom, office or study, creating a corner of calm and relaxation. A wonderful gift for art lovers and lovers of unique interior solutions. This wooden figurine "Relax" will be an excellent addition to your interior, bringing to it an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Bring a piece of the art and craftsmanship of Indonesian artisans into your home with this amazing decor.  Dimensions in cm: Height: 18 Width: 30

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