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Wooden interior decor Small ballerina from Indonesia

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Brand: Indonesia
Product Code: 16893-32
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189 000 сум
Add elegance and grace to your interior with the "Big Ballerina" wooden decor from Indonesia. This magnificent decorative element is made by hand from natural wood, which gives it uniqueness and natural beauty. Graceful lines and refined details of the ballerina's figure will create an atmosphere of sophistication and artistic taste in your home. Peculiarities: Material: High-quality natural wood, which guarantees the durability and environmental friendliness of the product. Design: Exquisite ballerina figure, executed with attention to detail and flowing lines, emphasizing grace and ease of movement. Origin: Handcrafted by talented craftsmen in Indonesia, making each piece unique. Size: The large size of the decor allows it to become a central element in the interior of any room. Application: Ideal for living room, bedroom, studio or any other space where you want to add a touch of elegance and style. This wooden decor will be a wonderful gift for art lovers and connoisseurs of unique interior solutions. Create a unique atmosphere in your home with this exquisite interior element from Indonesia. Dimensions: Height 75 cm Width 15 cm 

Tags: #woodendecor, #interiordesign, #balerina, #smalldecor, #Indonesiancraftsmanship

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