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Office chair FRAME with steel legs, MIX fabric

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920 000 сум

Office chair FRAME: Style and Comfort for Your Work Space

Introducing the FRAME office chair - the perfect combination of style, comfort and reliability. This chair will not only be a functional element of your workspace, but also a stylish accent, highlighting your taste and attention to detail.

The main advantages of the FRAME chair:

1.Ultra-Modern Design : The steel legs give the chair a modern and elegant look, perfect for any decor, be it an office or a home office.

2. High Quality MIX Fabric : Soft and durable MIX fabric upholstery provides maximum comfort and durability. The color palette of the fabric allows you to choose the option that best suits your interior.

3. Ergonomics at the highest level : The specially designed shape of the chair supports your back in the correct position, which is especially important when working at a desk for long periods of time. Adjustable height and backrest angle allow you to customize the chair to suit your individual preferences.

4. Durability and reliability : The chair frame is made of high quality steel, which guarantees long service life and stability even with intensive use.

5.Easy to care for : The MIX fabric is easy to clean and stain resistant, making the FRAME chair a practical choice for daily use.

Why choose FRAME office chair:

  • Excellent value for money : You get a premium product at an affordable price.
  • Versatility of use : Suitable for offices, home offices, coworking spaces and meeting rooms.
  • Aesthetic pleasure : Add sophistication and comfort to your workspace.

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your workflow with the FRAME office chair. Choose quality, comfort and style. Your ideal chair is waiting for you!

Tags: Офисное кресло, FRAME, стальные ножки, ткань MIX, удобство, стильное, комфортное, современное, офисная мебель

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