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399 000 сум

Wooden mask for interior decoration three-dimensional from Indonesia / 1-26

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Brand: Indonesia
Product Code: 16854-32
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399 000 сум
Immerse yourself in the magic of Indonesian culture with this stunning 3D wooden mask, handcrafted by Indonesian artisans. Made from natural Indonesian wood, each mask represents traditional craft and is a unique work of art. Advantages: - Natural Indonesian Wood: Each mask is crafted from high quality Indonesian wood, giving it natural strength and unique texture features. -Handmade: Indonesian craftsmen have put their skill and love into every detail of this mask, making it truly personalized and valuable. -Unique Interior Decor: This mask will become a statement piece in your interior, adding the spirit of adventure and mystery in the style of Indonesian culture. Add a touch of exoticism and art to your home with this beautiful wooden mask that will not only beautify your space, but will also become an object of admiration and inspiration.Size in cm:Height: 100Width: 17 

Tags: #IndonesianDecor, #WoodenMask, #InteriorDesign, #Handcrafted, #HomeDecor, #UniquePiece

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