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350 000 сум

Sum 37 Bubble -D Mask Set - A fantastic oxygen mask that deeply and non-traumatically cleanses pores with a brightening effect.

Oxygen mask for deep skin cleansing containing bamboo charcoal 3 in 1 effect: deep pore cleansing + skin softening +
Controls sebum production

Main active ingredients:—
• Bamboo Charcoal – Helps absorb pollutants.
• 7 Healing Oils - Moisturize the skin, gently cleanse impurities without drying out the skin, and provide a soothing effect.
• Hyaluronic Acid – Hydrates the skin and helps maintain necessary levels of moisture.
• Betaine is a healing ingredient that repairs damaged skin and provides protection and moisture.
• Sebum control formula (4-in-1) and patented Black Complex™ effectively cleanse the skin without drying it out and provide moisturizing and nourishing effects.

Skin type: oily, combination

Oxygen detox mask with brightening effect
4 in 1 effect: brightening + deep pore cleansing + skin softening +
Controls sebum production

The main ingredients of Sum37 Bright Award Bubble D Mask Pack are acai berry (strong antioxidant and anti-aging effect) and N-acetyl-phytosphingosine, which suppresses excessive melanin production and promotes collagen production, has an anti-inflammatory effect. effect.

Su:m37 Bright Award Bubble D Mask actively cleanses and brightens blackheads. This is a foaming mask, which does not contain abrasive particles and is polished only by the reaction of oxygen, which turns into small bubbles and polishes the skin with the greatest softness. The oxygen mask thoroughly cleanses the face of dead skin cells and other impurities and leaves the skin perfectly soft.

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types.

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