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Conditioner wipes Viu Lily Lily 80 pieces MUKUNGHWA

Brand: mukunghwa
Product Code: 16310-24
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95 000 сум

Conditioner wipes for dryers and washing machines with a clothes drying function. The napkin softens fabrics, removes static electricity, has an antibacterial effect, removes unpleasant odors, and gives a beautiful aroma that remains on linen for a long time. Add after washing to the drum of a washing machine with drying function or to the dryer. The napkin is safe for children's underwear. Tested in the country of origin for hypoallergenicity, protects against Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli bacteria. Does not contain fluorescent whiteness enhancer, heavy metals (cadmium, lead, chromium), methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, formaldehyde, MIT, CMIT, BIT. The napkin is made from environmentally friendly viscose and is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The aromatic impregnation lasts for a long time, so the napkin, incl. can be used as a sachet for a wardrobe, shoe closet, bedroom, living room. Fresh perfume aroma of lily and apple with notes of greenery, currants, anise, raspberry, rose and depth of musk and oud

Tags: #Napkins, #conditioner, #ViuLilyLily, #MUKUNGHWA, #80 pieces

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