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Sea kale SEMPIO For Sushi 20g

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25 000 сум
The Морская капуста SEMPIO For Sushi 20g is a premium quality seaweed product specially designed for sushi enthusiasts. Made by SEMPIO, a trusted brand in the culinary industry, this seaweed is carefully harvested from the sea to ensure its freshness and taste. Each pack contains 20g of seaweed, perfect for creating delicious and authentic sushi rolls. With its vibrant green color and delicate texture, this Морская капуста SEMPIO For Sushi 20g adds a delightful crunch and umami flavor to your sushi creations. Elevate your sushi-making experience with this high-quality seaweed, trusted by professionals and loved by sushi lovers worldwide.

Tags: Морская капуста, SEMPIO, For Sushi, 20g

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