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Hair shampoo `DAENG GI MEO RI` HONEY WITH royal jelly 500 ml

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140 000 сум

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Honey Therapy Shampoo is the main product of the Honey collection. It is intended for both care and intensive treatment of weakened and damaged curls. And he succeeds! When developing its formula, dermatologists, cosmetologists, trichologists, and pharmacologists of the brand used ancient traditional recipes of Asian healers, taken from the ancient book 《Donguibogam》. The knowledge recorded in it has been successfully used by more than one generation of eastern healers.

South Korean cosmetics practically do not use synthetic components. Shampoo “Honey Therapy” is no exception. It contains ingredients of exclusively natural origin. The “star” ingredient is royal jelly, which nourishes the strands with more than 10 vitamins, a complex of mineral compounds, amino acids, albumins, and globulins. It effectively restores damaged strands and stimulates the growth of new hair follicles.

The formula of the drug also contains an active complex of extracts of seven medicinal plants growing and collected in ecologically clean regions of the Korean Peninsula:

Shou wu herbs activate melanin production processes, restoring the natural pigment of the hair. They fight age-related changes and increase the stress resistance of curls.

Ginseng root improves trophism and metabolism of the dermis of the head, normalizes local microcirculation, activating the growth of hair follicles.

Lily of the valley (ophiopogon) - saponins, fatty acids, peptides, oligosaccharides contained in the roots of this plant inhibit the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Recent studies have also proven the cytostatic effect of lily of the valley saponins upon contact with cancer cells.

Asparagus stems moisturize hair and scalp, control the sebaceous glands, normalizing sebum production.

Rehmannia adhesive root contains antioxidants that fight oxidative processes in the skin. Bioflavonoids and alkaloids in the extract make hair strands bright and have a general tonic effect while washing your hair.

White coconut pulp is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, fatty acids; it improves metabolic processes, activating the growth of hair follicles, and activates local immunity.

Ferula stems are a natural source of organic gum resins. Their action is similar to a gel with antiseptic properties. They reduce the manifestations of skin irritations and increase the resistance of the epidermis to the effects of negative environmental factors.

Daeng Gi Meo Ri Honey Therapy Shampoo also contains a herbal complex of aloe, calamus and green tea, which has general strengthening, moisturizing, and toning effects. The product contains no synthetic surfactants. Instead, there are natural foaming agents, which are rich in extracts of ginseng, lily of the valley, and rehmannia rhizomes.

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