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130 000 сум

Nourishing hair mask with egg yolk and argan oil Daeng Gi Meo Ri Egg Planet Argan Hair Pack

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130 000 сум

Egg Yolk and Argan Oil Nourishing Hair Mask Daeng Gi Meo Ri Egg Planet Argan Hair Pack helps to get rid of dryness and brittleness. It replenishes and smoothes damaged hair follicles, eliminates frizz and restores silkiness. Prevents split ends and thickens.

The product has a restorative and strengthening effect on fine hair that is regularly exposed to thermal tools, coloring and styling products. Softens coarse hair and makes it manageable. The mask has a sweet floral-herbal aroma with hints of lemon.

Main active ingredients:

Argan oil nourishes and moisturizes, effectively protects against environmental influences (UV radiation, dryness or moisture), strengthens hair follicles, restores the damaged structure, improves metabolic processes and accelerates cell renewal.
Egg yolk extract has a nourishing, moisturizing and strengthening effect, softens the scalp, improves the nutrition of hair follicles and activates hair growth, restores shine and silkiness, and also helps protect it from the effects of aggressive weather.
Sweet almond oil has a softening and restorative effect, disinfects, helps to eliminate inflammation and cleansing, helps to get rid of dandruff, dryness and fragility, itching and burning, reduces hair loss.
Jojoba oil heals dry and damaged hair and stimulates new hair growth. Covering the hair with the thinnest film, the oil nourishes it, straightens the keratin scales and protects it from the negative effects of external factors.
Honey stimulates hair growth, healthy shine and prevents thinning. Hair becomes strong and does not split. Normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands and improves the skin regeneration process.
Panthenol is effective in the treatment of various dermatological diseases. Its action is aimed at regenerating the skin, eliminating inflammation, restoring hair and deep nourishment.
Silk extract intensively moisturizes and moisturizes, has an antistatic effect and prevents split ends.
Suitable for all hair types.

Instructions for use: Wash your hair with shampoo, dry with a towel and apply the mask along the entire length of wet hair or on problem areas (for example, the ends of the hair). Do not apply the product to the hair roots. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

Tags: Питательная маска для волос, яичный желток, аргановое масло, Daeng Gi Meo Ri, Egg Planet, Argan Hair Pack

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