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Soy paste Doenyang (Dendyan) Haechandle 500g

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34 000 сум

Korean soybean paste Dendyan (Doenyang, Chai) is a traditional product of Korean cuisine, made by fermenting soybeans with the addition of salt. It is a widely used ingredient for cooking soups (including miso), meat, vegetables, and is also added when frying rice and noodles.

It has a sour-salty taste, a dense thick consistency (sometimes interspersed with soybeans) and a brown color.

Consumption of Dendyan soybean paste has a positive effect on the body: it normalizes cholesterol levels in the blood, improves digestion, and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Tags: Soy paste, Doenyang, Dendyan, Haechandle, Oriental cuisine, Paste for cooking, Asian cuisine, 500g.

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