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Lifting chin mask tape bandage for facial oval rejuvenation

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Brand: chovemoar
Product Code: 14354-29
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38 000 сум

A fabric-based bandage mask with a hydrogel layer will restore clarity to the contours of the face, help cope with a double chin and keep the skin of the cheeks and neck smooth and elastic. The mask will restore a clear line of the oval face without surgical intervention, giving the chin and neck a toned appearance. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure. The elastic, tight-fitting fabric of the mask provides a powerful compression and lymphatic drainage effect and deep penetration of active substances from the hydrogel. Delicate cooling due to natural components stimulates metabolic processes in the area affected by the mask, enhancing its anti-edematous and tightening properties. Caffeine disperses congestion in the skin. Tartaric acid has a pronounced anti-aging and rejuvenating effect and increases skin elasticity. Three types of collagen strengthen the skin and help maintain clear facial contours. Removes the double chin, Models the oval of the face, Tightens the skin of the cheeks and neck, Has a lymphatic drainage effect

Tags: Lifting chin mask, tape bandage, facial oval rejuvenation

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