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Korean lotte lollipops

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4 000 сум

Lotte Lollipop Ice Candy is the real ice cream lollipop. The flavors are based on real popular Korean ice cream and taste just like real ice cream - it just doesn't melt. They come in four exciting and popular flavours:

Jaws: Grape Flavor

Watermelon: watermelon taste

Joomoleo: cola taste

Screw Bar: Strawberry Flavor

Ice cream "Jaws" - like in a shark. Korea has the famous Jaws ice cream. A popsicle with a firmer orange flavor on the outside, tinted gray, and a softer, icy strawberry center. Cute teeth print, fruity and refreshing.

Screw Bar Ice Cream is a classic strawberry ice cream shaped like a giant screw. There is a harder outer layer and a slightly softer inner ice. It's fun to eat as you can roll it up or eat it in layers, biting off the harder part first!

Ice cream with cola. It's quite simple since it's nothing more than the famous cola.

Watermelon Ice Cream is a delicious watermelon flavored milk ice with pieces of chocolate covered nuts (almonds?) representing watermelon seeds. Looks like a slice of watermelon, tastes like a slice of watermelon!

Thus, the lollipop replicates the taste of each of the ice creams mentioned above.

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