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Anti-pigmentation serum with arbutin and niacinamide COS DE BAHA Arbutin 5% + Niacinamide 5% 30 ml

Brand: cos-de-baha
Product Code: 14263-21
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130 000 сум

Pigmentation lightening serum with arbutin and niacinamide Cos de Baha Arbutin 5%+Niacinamide 5% Serum helps lighten pigmentation and post-acne marks, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and regulates sebum production. Smoothes scars and evens out skin texture, increases elasticity and makes the skin smoother and firmer. Evens out skin tone and fills with a healthy glow. The serum promotes the removal of toxins and prevents the occurrence of oxidative processes in cells. Made with 74% organic ingredients, it is free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol, fragrance, mineral oil and is not tested on animals. Main active components: Niacinamide - helps stimulate collagen synthesis and improve the protective functions of the skin, helps reduce transepidermal moisture loss from the epidermis and eliminate pigmentation, moisturizes, tightens pores, soothes, brightens. Arbutin - helps lighten pigmentation and overall skin tone by affecting melanin synthesis, protects against ultraviolet radiation, and increases skin barrier functions. Hyaluronic acid - provides long-term and highly intense hydration of the skin, protects against dehydration and the formation of premature wrinkles, stimulates cellular renewal, heals wounds and cracks. Witch hazel extract has a wide variety of properties and functions. Helps in the fight against rosacea, normalizes the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, gives an anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing effect. Rosemary and thyme extracts - promote skin cell renewal, tone, improve blood circulation, even out skin texture, ideal for mature skin and combating age-related changes. Aloe vera extract - soothes the skin and has a tonic and cooling effect. Suitable for oily and combination skin Directions for use: Apply serum to clean facial skin. Can be used either alone or under cream. Suitable for daily use.

Tags: anti-pigmentation serum, arbutin, niacinamide, COS DE BAHA, Arbutin 5%, Niacinamide 5%, 30 ml

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