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Anti-aging cream with white truffle d'alba white truffle extra nourishing cream

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Brand: d-alba
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150 000 сум

white truffle extract. Thanks to vitamins B1, B2, C, PP in the composition, it smooths out even deep age-related wrinkles, tightens, whitens, and evens out the complexion.
Black caviar extract. A real cocktail of youth with a high content of vitamins A, C, E, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements. Demonstrates a pronounced lifting effect, has an antioxidant effect, prevents the formation of new fractures, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, relieves inflammation, refreshes, and “illuminates” the skin from the inside.
Hyaluronic acid (3 types). Saturates and retains moisture in cells, restores lost tone and elasticity to the skin, lightens pigmentation, has anti-inflammatory, wound-healing properties, and slows down aging.
Hibiscus extracts, Asian centelles. They tone, trigger natural mechanisms of cell regeneration, normalize sebum production, saturate with moisture and vitamins, relieve irritation, redness, improve blood flow and lipid metabolism.
Allantoin, niacinamide. They whiten, promote renewal of the dermis at the cellular level, stimulate collagen/elastin synthesis, and improve the protective properties of the skin.
Korean truffle cream D'ALBA is additionally enriched with a huge amount of plant extracts: olive, lemongrass, skullcap, Spanish licorice, oregano, wormwood, lavender, chamomile, sage, etc. These components soothe, revitalize, improve metabolic processes, comprehensively care for the skin and have a noticeable anti-aging effect on it.

Tags: Anti-aging cream, white truffle, moisturizing, nutrition, cosmetics

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