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Gift set of hand creams with flower extracts 313 g

Brand: Medi Flower
Product Code: 14253-21
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80 000 сум

A set of hand creams with flower extracts The Secret Garden of Five Hand Cream is a pleasant and healthy way to pamper yourself or please your loved ones. The set includes 5 cute tubes to moisturize, nourish and renew the skin of your hands. Creams differ not only in packaging color and aroma, but also in their composition, aimed at intensively eliminating a particular problem. In any case, each of them provides intense hydration, nutrition and protection from external factors. Using the set will give your hands softness, elasticity and tenderness.

Medi Flower The Secret Garden of Five Hand Cream is a stylish soft pink cardboard box containing 5 miniature soft tubes. The containers are multi-colored and have an image of a flower, the extract of which was added to the composition. The elegant design makes the set an attractive present, and the design of the tubes ensures comfortable use.

The delicate, slightly oily texture of the creams and floral aroma give the feeling as if your hands are rotating the thinnest petals. Upon contact with the skin, the cream instantly melts and is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy stains or a sticky feeling.

The basic components of Medi Flower Secret Garden of Five Hand Cream are natural ingredients. Shea butter saturates the skin with vitamins, amino acids and collagen, helps soften the epidermis, heal and relieve irritation. Aloe vera juice provides intense hydration and healing of the epidermis. Oat extract is famous for its cleansing and disinfecting properties; this element also helps to fix moisture inside the skin.

Each cream from the MediFlower The Secret Garden of Five Hand Cream set also contains one of the flower extracts.

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