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96 000 сум

Dried Sempio Nori leaves for rolls and sushi, 100 gr

Brand: sempio
Product Code: 14244-30
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96 000 сум

Type: Nori leaves
Weight: 100 gr
Number of sheets: 50 pcs
Energy value per 100 g of product: 401 kcal/1680 kJ
Ingredients: dried Nori seaweed, olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, salt
The product is certified Are you looking for original Nori sheets for sushi, rolls and kimbap? Consider that you have already found them. You can buy the highest quality and proven nori seaweed from South Korea in the online Asian food store kmall. The price of nori will pleasantly surprise you, and the quality will delight you doubly: it does not crumble, does not fall apart, does not soften, smells pleasant and tastes great!

Anyone who is at least a little familiar with Asian cuisine knows what nori is. This dry seaweed is widely used for making sushi, rolls, and also the Korean dish Kimbap (by the way, in South Korea this seaweed is called “kim,” hence the name).
Nori was originally used in Japan. Then they were prepared in the form of a paste from seaweed, and only then they began to roll them into sheets and dry them in the same way as paper was made.

Tags: Dried Sempio Nori leaves, rolls, sushi, 100 gr

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