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43 000 сум

The Face Shop Freshian Big Mascara

Brand: the-face-shop
Product Code: 14239-21
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43 000 сум

The Face Shop freshian Big Mascara perfectly colors and separates, lengthens, adds volume and perfectly corrects the curl.

The natural wax included in the mascara gives it protective properties and resists all day. The special moisture-resistant formula allows the mascara to not break down and stay on all day, even during rain and snow.
A convenient brush makes it easy to apply the decorative tool and provides the desired eyelash curve and volume. No clumping, no clumping lashes effect.

Mascara comes with 2 brush options:
#1 curl (twist) — a curved spiral applicator. Such a brush helps to easily give the necessary bend to the eyelashes and fix it firmly.
No. 2 Volume (Volume) — the right brush paints and separates each eyelash well and gives luxurious volume, which makes the look more open.

Tags: No. 1 jingalak (burama) - egri spiral shaklidagi aplikator. Bunday cho'tka Kirpiklarga kerakli egilishni osongina berishga va uni mahkam o'rnatishga yordam beradi. No. 2 Volume (Volume) - to'g'ri cho'tka har bir kirpikni yaxshilab bo'yaydi va ajratadi va hashamatli hajm beradi, bu esa ko'rinishni yanada ochiq qiladi.

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