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900 000 сум

Mini electric rice cooker Macaron for 3 persons EHLM-MR67

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Brand: everton-house
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900 000 сум

The taste of freshly cooked warm rice and the ease of preparing baby food

Easy to use with one touch

You can cook rice, porridge, baby food, etc. Now you can easily and conveniently cook baby food by simply pressing the cook button, without having to constantly stand near the pan.

Even and uniform heat transfer by enveloping the inner pan.

round heating plate

As with high-end products, the round heating plate encircles the inner pan to ensure even heat transfer.

※ This product does not provide mechanical insulation after cooking.

This product retains heat for about 1-2 hours due to residual heat after cooking.

Makes about 3 bowls per 2 cups in the included measuring cup.

Sufficient size for 2 people

Based on the included measuring cup, use 2 full cups (approximately 1-2 spoons added per 3,210g cooked rice).

Enough to eat at once! You can enjoy it deliciously.

※ It depends on the amount a person eats, so please adjust it and cook as much as you can eat.

2T aluminum panel, different from the existing entry-level 1T indoor pot.

Durable 2T thick fluorine coated inner bowl.

Unlike the existing popular 1T (1mm) thick inner pan, it is durable with a 2T thick aluminum panel and coated with fluorine resin inside and out to reduce post-cooking sticking and make cleaning easier.

※ Press the existing popular 17(1mm) diameter inner bowl with your hand! When pressed, a transformation occurs.

Simple one-touch controls

Anyone, regardless of gender or age, can cook with ease thanks to the simple one-touch control principle. When cooking is complete, the power indicator lights up automatically.

You can see [Cooking/Power] at a glance using individual indicators.

(It will taste better if you let it sit for 5-10 minutes after cooking and then eat it.)

Fluoropolymer lined inner tank

Made with fluorine resin coating! efficient heating stove

It has excellent thermal conductivity and reduces corrosion and sticking of rice grains.

It is durable and can be used for a long time.

Has internal scales for convenient weighing.

mobile pen

Handle and power cord for moving.

It can be divided for easy movement and storage.

Removable inner pan lid.

The aluminum inner lid is easily removable for easy cleaning and comes with a silicone gasket.

Reduces heat loss and retains moisture.

The silicone also comes off easily.

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